There is a REVOLUTION going on in the business world that is so profound that it is economically impacting billion dollar companies who don’t respond to it and creating enormous opportunities for smaller companies and entrepreneurs who do.


This REVOLUTION is transforming what products and services people are purchasing and why they’re purchasing them. If you’re not paying attention, not only will your business suffer, but you will miss out on one of the most exciting opportunities in history to DO WELL BY DOING GOOD.


Best-selling author and renowned speaker Cynthia Kersey distills the wisdom from top business leaders and visionaries and provides practical information on how entrepreneurs and organizations can do really well by becoming an unstoppable force for good.

In the powerful program, MOVING FORWARD BY GIVING BACK, Cynthia Kersey provides practical information on how entrepreneurs and organizations can increase their bottom line and catapult every area of their business and life through giving and developing a contribution-based organization.


Strategic giving not only creates life-changing impact in the world, it also creates customer evangelists, enlivens the workforce, and dramatically improves employee loyalty and retention.


  • Why strategic corporate philanthropy must be a part of your operating system in your organization
  • The most effective, yet counter intuitive strategies for building positive brand awareness, and strengthening customer loyalty and employee pride
  • Innovative ways to boost sales and skyrocket your business by becoming a force for good. The key to exponentially growing revenues and profit while earning respect in your industry
  • Scientific evidence on how much more givers get and why giving positively impacts every area of your life and business
  • The greatest financial advice for growing your business from a billionaire who become the leading investment advisor of the 20th Century
CYNTHIA KERSEY is a best-selling author and Chief Humanitarian Officer of the Unstoppable Foundation. She has spent two decades researching and interviewing some of the world’s most successful people and has developed powerful, effective programs based on her findings. Her best-selling books are Unstoppable and Unstoppable Women and Cynthia has helped thousands of people achieve unstoppable success and contribute to causes and projects they most care about.