Community members in Chepkebit

28 Aug Chepkebit: 6 Months In

If you were to walk into the community of Chepkebit in the Maasai Mara region of Kenya less than one year ago, you would find a single deteriorating classroom with a mud floor and minimal light for students to read. This is not exactly the optimal environment for learning. In fact, that classroom would mostly likely have been empty as the children of the community would be either too sick to attend school or too busy doing chores for their family, like carrying heavy jerrycans filled with water for miles each day.

Today’s Chepkebit paints a very different picture.


When we recently visited this Unstoppable community  – the latest to move off the waiting list – we were so impressed by the progress that’s been made in just 6 months.

In stark contrast to what was previously there, two new freshly painted classrooms now provide students with a bright, clean and safe learning environment.

Chepkebit students

In addition to new classrooms, three latrines have been built and the entire Chepkebit community has access to healthcare. Community members are fully mobilized and working hand-in-hand with the Foundation and our partners on the ground to ensure continued success as they move toward building a strong, sustainable community.


It’s such a great feeling to know that the children and their families of Chepkebit now have a much brighter future ahead. A future that wouldn’t have been possible without our amazing donors and partners, and it’s just the beginning!