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26 Apr Coming Full Circle

Last month, we gathered with many of you to celebrate a decade of dreams fulfilled at our 10th Anniversary Unstoppable Gala. It was incredible to celebrate with our generous donors and friends the collective impact we’ve made together over the last ten years–bringing education and life-saving services to nearly 100,000 men, women and children.

10th Anniversary Unstoppable Gala

In reaching this tremendous milestone, we are seeing entire communities transform. Families are getting healthier, parents are earning money so they can keep their children in school and nearly half of the graduates from primary school are girls!

And for the first time, students are now able to go to college in their community! The first two Unstoppable Scholars educational tracks (tourism and the school of nursing) have begun. This is a game changer for this region of the world!

Children learning in school.

And yet, we still have more work to do…

There are many more villages on the waiting list to receive education, access to clean water, health care, nutritious food, and for the parents to receive the training to be able to provide for their families with dignity.

Child in Unstoppable community

As we look to the future as to how we can best continue to help our communities become fully self-sustaining, we’re preparing to take things to the next level through our Unstoppable Community Centers.

Once the basic needs of community members are met, the next step is to help them realize their greatest aspirations. To facilitate this, the Unstoppable Community Centers will offer access to resources and skills, enabling community members to start businesses and gain employment, bringing financial stability and growth to both their families AND their community.

Unstoppable Community Members

The Centers will also provide after-school programming for kids and advanced training for teachers, in addition to the adult education necessary to help people develop the skills to achieve their goals.

We couldn’t be more excited about this next phase in our development model! Want to join us?

David Meltzer, our Chairman of the Board, is helping to raise the funds needed to make the Unstoppable Community Centers a reality. Learn how YOU can help.