Children sitting in new classroom.

24 May Community Update: Chepkebit

On our recent visit to Kenya, we checked in on Chepkebit, the latest Unstoppable community to gain access to education, healthcare and everything else necessary to thrive through our Sponsor A Village (SAV) model. Here’s a snapshot of what we saw.



There 367 students now enrolled in school in Chepkebit are learning in two brand new classrooms (construction of a third is currently underway). Each classroom has been fully outfitted with 40 desks, a chalkboard and supplies. All students receive a nutritious meal at school, improving their overall health and boosting their ability to focus. The children of Chepkebit are healthy, happy and learning in their bright, safe classrooms.


Community members gathered to celebrate the ground-breaking of Chepkebit’s new classrooms — bearing witness to the beginning of the community’s journey toward sustainability and transformation.


All 2,000 of Chepkebit’s community members now have access to healthcare through our mobile health clinics. With their basic health needs being met, kids are more likely to remain in school and parents are able to work to provide for their families. Health education workshops are also teaching children proper hand-washing and hygiene techniques, reducing the spread of preventable diseases.

In addition, three new latrine blocks have been constructed. Having dedicated latrine blocks for boys, girls and teachers increases school attendance, particularly among girls. Community members have also been educated through workshops on clean water, good sanitation practices and rainwater harvesting — improving the incidence of waterborne illnesses and the community’s resilience to fluctuating water availability.


The first women’s group was formed to support their ability to generate an income. Members of the Fanaka Women’s Group meet regularly, individually contributing to a pooled savings program called a “merry-go-round”. The money is then distributed to one member of the group each month to be used as needed. Chepkebit Konyon Youth Group also has a merry-go-round program and meets weekly. Both groups participated in alternative income trainings where they learned how to distribute loans, and facilitate and record their own meetings going forward.

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