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19 Nov Grow Your Assets With Donor-Advised Funds

With the substantial increase in standard deduction under the new tax law, donors are increasingly turning to Donor-Advised Funds as a vehicle for charitable giving.

Donor-Advised Funds offer an easy, tax-efficient way for you to contribute to nonprofits like the Unstoppable Foundation while minimizing your taxes. After an initial contribution, the funds can be professionally managed and invested for future growth. Once established, Donor-Advised Funds can be accessed by donors anytime to make contributions to nonprofits.

This method of giving was featured in a recent Forbes article:

“With the passage of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act on December 22, 2017, donor-advised funds have suddenly become a far more important vehicle to help charitably-minded, tax-conscious individuals and families benefit from their charitable donations.

In prior years, you may have enjoyed a charitable tax deduction along with other itemized deductions, but under the new tax law, with a giant increase in the standard deduction, it will be much harder for most people to realize that same tax benefit. However, a donor-advised fund may be the tool you need to continue to maintain your charitable giving while also maximizing your tax savings…”

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