25 Jul Field Report June 2016– Laila Community

On the 2nd day of our Kenya trip, we visited Laila, one of our Sponsor A Village communities. As we exited our bus, we were swarmed by hundreds of children excitedly grabbing our hands and proudly escorting us to their brand new school.

community greets donors in Laila

The children were joined by hundreds of parents, teachers and community leaders who walked several hours one way to welcome us to the Laila school campus.

A ribbon-cutting ceremony was held and some of our donors who helped fund the Laila Community cut the ribbon to mark the opening of the new school.

Inside the classroom, inspirational quotes like “You are Unstoppable!” adorned the walls and students couldn’t wait to show us their new desks and books.you are unstoppable in classroom Laila

The children then led us to a HUGE gratitude ceremony. Over 500 students performed traditional dances and presentations were made by the Laila school principal, leaders and community members.

And to top it off, Warren Moon, Sherry & John Phelan and Pixie Low were given the highest honor – the gift of a goat!

Kenya-Laila - DM-06-28-2016 Warren Moon w Goat

This is significant because goats are so important to a community. They provide milk to drink and sell, providing income for the family. To give this gift is a true gift of love and appreciation! Warren, Sherry, John and Pixie’s goats are now living on a beautiful farm near the Kisaruni High School.

I was amazed that a community that I perceived as having so little was willing to give so much to us because they were so grateful for the opportunity to provide a better life for their children.

– Laura Gisborne, Limitless Women

This community really is UNSTOPPABLE and they weren’t finished showing us their accomplishments made possible through our partnership.

The implementation of their new clean water kiosk was complete and they wanted us to share in their excitement.

Children cheered as Pixie Low, representing the Proctor Gallagher Institute, cut the ribbon to the kiosk.

Now, for the 1st time, Laila students have access to clean water they can share with their entire family.

To end our day, we moved to the construction site of the 3rd new classroom that was already underway and got to work!

Team members rolled up their sleeves and worked on building the wall of the 3rd classroom.

Thank you to each person who contributed to the 5-Pillar Sponsor A Village model for the Laila Community. You’re providing the community members with the tools to break the cycle of poverty and to create sustainability for themselves and future generations.Laila schoolhouses


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