Rachelle Fender of the Unstoppable Foundation is pictured with two women from the community of Kipasan.

29 Aug Summer 2017 Field Notes

There is nothing more powerful than being in the communities we serve and interacting with the children and families that both myself and our generous donors are committed to supporting.

To share a smile with an elated young girl on her way to a bright, safe classroom.

To walk, hand-in-hand, with mamas to their new borehole for fresh, clean water. To witness the empowerment and newfound sense of pride in men and woman who, for the first time, have hopes and dreams beyond basic survival.

And, to see and experience first-hand how our holistic model truly changes everything.

Throughout my experiences within each community, several common threads have emerged:

Admiration for the little girl who, though young in years, already knows hardship, but perseveres because she now can not only dream about what could be, but can make that dream a reality.

Gratitude for the mama whose baby will survive because she now has access to vital healthcare.

And hope for the new class of students who will go on to be leaders in their families, communities, and the world at large.

These children, their families, and our generous supporters who make it all possible will remain in my heart forever.

They’ve given me a renewed sense of unstoppable determination that keeps me, our team, and our supporters inspired to support these communities–moving them little by little, from barely surviving to thriving.

Rachelle Fender has served as the Unstoppable Foundation’s Partnership Relationship Manager for four years. Rachelle loves connecting with the people of our Unstoppable communities and those who generously support them. Contact Rachelle

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