23 Jan Foundation Chairman David Meltzer’s Big Birthday Wish

David Meltzer, Chairman of the Unstoppable Foundation’s board and CEO of Sports 1 Marketing, is on a mission to turn his 50th birthday into a life-changing experience for the world.

Inspired by Unstoppable Foundation Founder Cynthia Kersey, David is using his 50th birthday to support this effort, throwing 50 parties around the world with the goal of raising $1 million to launch Unstoppable Leadership & Empowerment Centers in Kenya.

David Meltzer breaks ground to help build a school in Kenya.

David Meltzer breaks ground to help build a school in Kenya.

By bringing Unstoppable Leadership & Empowerment Centers to Kenya, community members will gain access to resources and skills that will enable them to start businesses and get jobs, bringing financial stability and growth to their community.

In addition, the centers will provide after-school programming for kids, advanced training for teachers, and adult education to help individuals develop the skills to achieve their goals.

Because of David’s 50 For 50 campaign, and through these centers, over 75,000 men, women and children will now be able to realize their greatest aspirations.

David Meltzer’s 50 For 50 campaign: