$31 a month will educate one child and provide lifesaving
services to an entire family every month


Amount is in U.S. dollars

100% of your money goes to education

and life-saving services


why your donation matters

Every dollar you donate provides access to education, clean water, food, healthcare and income training to families.

Building a School is Not Enough.

There’s a lot of schools that have been built that are tragically empty today. Without addressing the key obstacles that keep children from attending school, long lasting solutions are not possible.

Our proven 5-Pillar model not only builds schools, but gives children and their communities access to clean water and sanitation so that the women and girls don’t have to spend their entire day fetching water from a contaminated river.

Every child is assured of daily food and nutrition with a warm school lunch and the entire community gets access to healthcare so that they can become healthy and stay in school.

Every parent receives tools and training for generating an alternative income so that they can afford to keep their kids in school.

Last, but not least, the entire project becomes self-sustaining within 5 years.

where does your $ go

Because of the generosity of our angel supporters, 100% of the funds raised through the Unstoppable Foundation go directly to our Sponsor a Village program. This program supports the transformation of entire regions.

what is the 100% model

100% of donations fund our International education programs because private donors, sponsors and events fund our operating costs.

how to Sponsor A Village

For information about how you can sponsor an entire village, please click here.

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