09 Jun Jim and Kathy Coover – A Legacy of Generosity & Transformation

For well over a decade, Jim and Kathy Coover have been prolific supporters of Unstoppable Foundation, transforming the lives of thousands of children and families in Kenya through their generosity.

Jim and Kathy have generated billions of dollars in sales across multiple companies during the span of their careers.

In 2002, they partnered with John Anderson to form Isagenix with the mission to create the world’s greatest health and wellness products combined with business opportunities that would transform lives, both physically and financially.

But it was more than that. They built generosity into the culture of Isagenix. Whether through time or resources, Jim and Kathy have dedicated their lives to giving back and they encourage their team at Isagenix to do the same.

“Giving back comes back to you,” Kathy said. “It makes you feel good about life… like you’re doing something with purpose.”

Through their personal support and gifts through Isagenix and Isa foundation, Jim and Kathy have paved the way for thousands of Kenyan families to transform their lives and future generations.

Their generosity is truly a legacy.

WATCH an Unstoppable Legacy: Jim & Kathy Coover