29 Mar Lee Daniels, John O’Hurley Raise Money for Education in Africa at Unstoppable Foundation Gala

Actors Dylan McDermott and Maggie Q co-chaired the 10th anniversary event at The Beverly Hilton.

The Golden Globes’ venue took on a different purpose Saturday night, as the Beverly Hilton International Ballroom hosted the Unstoppable Foundation 10th Anniversary Gala.

Among those in attendance for the gala and live auction were Empire creator Lee Daniels and actor John O’Hurley, producer Barnet Bain and Heaven Can Wait actress Dyan Cannon, while Dylan McDermott and Maggie Q co-chaired the event.

Since sponsors provided everything from the centerpieces to the napkins, 100 percent of the proceeds went to the cause: $1.4 million to support education and empowerment in Africa.

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