20 Nov Make One Day Count

Right to LearnSeveral years ago, for reasons I didn’t understand at the time, I accepted an invitation to attend the first-ever rural African Women’s Conference. I rearranged my entire schedule and traveled halfway around the world to meet with hundreds of women who came from all over east Africa looking for solutions to fundamental problems.

The number one dream these women shared with us was getting their children an education – because they knew without an education, they had no hope of a real future. These women couldn’t afford to be there that day. They never got a break from the daily physical labor required just to keep their families alive, and yet they traveled a great distance to meet with us and rally for change. I left that conference with those women in my heart, promising to do something, and make my experience with them count!

I started small and decided I would use my birthday to give to others.

So, I had a party and charged everyone $100 to attend. Not only did we raise enough money to build two schools in Uganda, but it was thrilling to everyone that one party in Los Angeles literally changed the lives of hundreds of children living thousands of miles away – and we were having FUN doing it! Right then I was hooked – full of ideas! – and committed to doing a whole lot more.

So, for the holidays this year Unstoppable Foundation is kicking off a new fundraising campaign called ‘Make One Day Count’ – with the goal of educating 1,000 children by the end of the year – and we need your help! This holiday season, we are asking you to Make One Day Count, and fund-raise for education.

Just $365 sends one child to school for one year.

Share your campaign on social media, rally your friends, and watch with excitement every day you get closer to reaching your goal.

Make One Day Count!

It’s easy; it’s exciting! And it will change the course of history!

Together, we are Unstoppable.

Do Something That Counts

With love and appreciation,

Cynthia Kersey

Bestselling author, “Unstoppable”
Chief Humanitarian Officer
Unstoppable Foundation