06 Jun Meet Faith – An UNSTOPPABLE Student

Four years ago, Faith was attending a primary school in the Maasai Mara region of Kenya.

For many girls like Faith, when primary school ends, they’re married off to a man 2-3x their age and their hope of a high school education and a bright future dies.

Faith’s hope was ignited when the Kisaruni High School was built in her area.

But that wasn’t enough for her parents to agree to allow Faith to continue her education. High school was for BOYS, not GIRLS.Girls stayed home and took care of their husbands and families.

Refusing to let her dream of a better future die, Faith persuaded her parents to let her continue her education IF she could get accepted into this new high school.

Faith walked many miles to make her case to the new school’s headmaster, Madam Carol. Inspired by Faith’s determination, Madam Carol made a way for her to be accepted.

Fast forward to 2016: Faith is one of 40 students who will be graduating from the Kisaruni High School!

Watch Faith — with tremendous poise & confidence — share her story about WHY education means so much to her, her family, her community and the world, at our 7th Annual Unstoppable Gala this past March.