Unstoppable Solution for Sustainable Education

A lack of global education and extreme poverty puts everyone at risk. We are all living together in the same boat of life.

Whether you’re in a 1st class suite or in a tiny room at the bottom of the boat, if the ship starts to take on water, we’re all at risk. When nations deny the basic human right of education for all their children, it can become a breeding ground for political unrest, war, terrorism, global pandemics…problems that endanger all of us!

Ensuring that every child receives an education is vitally important not only to the millions of children surviving an unbearable life of poverty, but it’s important for YOU.

The Unstoppable Foundation’s holistic development model ensures communities and individuals have the education, skills and tools necessary to leave the cycle of poverty behind and achieve their true potential.

This isn’t charity in the traditional sense. It’s empowerment for the entire community.

Together, we can change this and change the future for entire regions of the world for generations.

Unstoppable Leadership Academy

In order to ensure that every student is empowered with the skills to help them achieve their fullest potential, the Unstoppable Leadership Academy was created. Students will develop leadership and life skills to become effective leaders in their families, communities and the world at large.
Upon successful completion of the 2-year Unstoppable Leadership certificate program, students will demonstrate competence and confidence in the following areas: