Donors rally for Unstoppable Scholars

23 Mar The Power of Advocacy

Merrill Lynch financial advisors, Darren Siegrist and John Low, are experts in helping individuals and businesses create sustainable wealth. When they learned about the Unstoppable Foundation’s work empowering lives through education and sustainable community development through friend David Meltzer, Sports1Marketing CEO and Unstoppable Foundation Chairman of the Board, they were inspired to take action.

Earlier this month, Darren and John hosted a small gathering in Park City, Utah where they hit the slopes to raise awareness for the Foundation’s Unstoppable Scholars program, which provides qualifying high school graduates from the Maasai Mara region of Kenya with scholarships to the new WE College.

Proving the power of advocacy, Darren and John’s dedication inspired their group to collectively fund the next class of Tourism & Hospitality students.

Donors hit the slopes and support the Unstoppable Scholars


“By providing an opportunity to these girls that have lived with so little the chance for success in their life is an impactful feeling that I want to make for others in a faraway land,” said Darren. “I can assist the girls with the basics to help them live better and have an education to give them hope in their future – this is why I support the Unstoppable Foundation.”

The first two cohorts of the Unstoppable Scholars program (School of Tourism Management and School of Nursing) kicked off this past year and three more classes (Schools of Agriculture and Clinical Medicine, and the second Tourism Management class) are set to begin in 2019.

To learn how you can join Darren and John by becoming an Unstoppable Scholar Giving Circle Champion, contact Rachelle Fender.