Marie & Alexi 3A Press

12 Jun Rising Above the Storm

When Hurricane Maria — a powerful Category 4 storm with 150 mph winds —  barreled down upon the island of Puerto Rico causing mass devastation, 3A Press, a local family-owned printing business, chose to rally around their community, finding joy through generosity of spirit.


Marie and Alex Rosado, founders of 3A Press, are a brother-sister duo, third-generation printers and generous donors to the Unstoppable Foundation. For the Rosados, their business is not just a business — it is a safe, welcoming space. Their employees are not just employees — they are family.

When Hurricane Maria hit the Island of Puerto Rico last September, this philosophy could not have rung more true. The Rosados sprung into action, helping both their employees and community however they could. They purchased generators for employees whose homes had been flooded and were without electricity. They bought washers and dryers so they could do laundry. They cooked dinners together, they grieved together, they laughed together, and they vowed to help one another get through this time of loss and uncertainty.

Without electricity and running on generators, they were determined not to be defeated. They continued to service their clients and to run their business as best they could given the circumstances. The Rosados even went above and beyond in the aftermath of the storm, ensuring our Unstoppable Scholars students received their curriculum.

A partnership with the Unstoppable Foundation was born years earlier when Marie enrolled in one of Cynthia Kersey’s business coaching programs.

“Cynthia’s vision touched me and has changed my life in such a tremendous way,” said Marie. “We are honored to support the Unstoppable Foundation in any way that we can.” 3A Press is now the Foundation’s official printer for its Leadership and Empowerment track, a curriculum that students receive as part of the Unstoppable Scholars Program.

Unstoppable Students

“Anything we can do, we want to help, said Marie. “Our community has gone through such a horrible situation, but the students that the Unstoppable Foundation is helping are born into this situation. They deserve a chance to thrive and we want to do our part to help.”

Unfortunately, Puerto Rico is far from in the clear. It is facing a major economic crisis. There are people who remain without electricity and without water. Hurricane season is back and the infrastructure has been left vulnerable in the midst of recovery efforts. Despite this climate, the Rosados remain hopeful.

“I continue to pray for my community,” said Marie. “It is so important to remain optimistic and to allow ourselves to experience joy, even in the face of adversity. I know that we will get through this and we will rise again.”