Unstoppable Scholars

23 May Students Prepare for Success with help from Jack Canfield

Students in our Unstoppable Scholars program are currently enrolled in the third of six courses of the Unstoppable Leadership Academy (ULA). Based on the work by best-selling author Jack Canfield, “Success Principles” is a 12-week program that presents timeless principles used by successful leaders throughout history to achieve greatness in their chosen field. The program builds on and reinforces the knowledge and skills students learned in their first two courses and offers a step-by-step formula for getting from where they are to where they want to be.



Students in the Nursing and the Tourism & Hospitality classes are enrolled in the ULA to supplement their primary areas of study. The powerful two-year certificate program is helping students to develop the leadership skills necessary to empower them to achieve their full potential through a series of innovative courses, including Canfield’s “Success Principles”.

The foundation of the course is the idea that leadership qualities and personal achievement are not accidents of birth or privilege. They are the result of thinking and doing – of planning and following through. Further, the power to achieve and lead are skills that can be learned.

“If we all just fully do that which we are passionate about and understand the principles of how to bring that into being, then I believe the world would work perfectly,” said Jack.

Jack Canfield

Jack Canfield, author of “Success Principles” and the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” series


Through participation in this course, students will:

  • Build on the knowledge and skills of prior courses to continue clarifying life’s purpose, vision and goals
  • Utilize visualization and affirmation techniques to help achieve goals
  • Recognize the value of feedback and use it productively
  • Increase confidence in their ability to realize goals by taking action
  • Practice asking for what they need with confidence
  • Empower themselves through empowering others


“Students have learned that confidence is a state of mind, said Eunice Ngure, Unstoppable Leadership Academy Facilitator. “There has been a huge transformation in them; they perform and complete tasks not worrying about making mistakes, they plan and prepare for the unknown, they read books and research to feel confident about their ability to handle tasks and they have become positive.”

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