Girls fetching water from a dirty river.

02 Jan The River

Naomi and Meryline are friends. They are nine years old and live in a small village in Kenya. Each day they walk nearly five miles to get water – this is time that could otherwise be spent learning in school. Starting out, their empty five-gallon...

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Unstoppable donor Ann with two young women in Kenya.

30 Oct Laila: A Renewed Sense of Connection

For her entire adult life, Unstoppable donor Ann Fyfe was focused on two things: family and career. She seemed to balance the two effortlessly, succeeding as a high-powered healthcare executive, and a dedicated wife and supermom of two. Now, after a successful career, and children...

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09 Sep Gushing for Joy in Eor Ewuaso…

The community-wide water project for Eor Ewuaso was completed this year with the construction of a borehole well and the positive impact was palpable. The children could not wait to show us the new water spigots on the school grounds as they gushed with clean,...

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13 Aug Kenya Journal: Pimbiniet…

Kenya Journal – Welcome to Pimbiniet - Our Second of 11 Unstoppable Communities. The community of Pimbiniet can only be reached by traveling down a long, deeply-rutted road, which makes for a very bumpy ride! As we turned into the Pimbiniet Primary School campus, we could hear...

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