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23 Mar Tapping for Empowerment

Our donors never cease to amaze us! We’re always in awe of the creative ways in which they’re able to utilize their own platforms to raise awareness and funds to provide education and everything necessary for the children and families in our Unstoppable communities to thrive.

Brad Yates uses his expertise in the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or “Tapping” to empower people to overcome the thoughts and fears that prevent them from achieving their dreams. Now he’s using his talents for empowerment in Kenya.

“I’ve contributed to numerous charitable and worthy causes over the years, but perhaps the largest donations I’ve made have been to the Unstoppable Foundation,” said Brad. “I know other organizations do a lot of good things, but what Cynthia and the Unstoppable Foundation are up to is so clear – so specific – so measurable, that it is exciting and inspiring. I not only know I’m doing something good by making a donation – I know what it is that is being done.”

100% of the proceeds from Brad’s program “Tapping Into Your Unstoppable Self” will go directly toward supporting the Unstoppable Foundation’s work of empowerment through education. Brad will host eight one-hour Tapping teleclasses throughout the month of April.

Tapping involves gently tapping parts of the body, engaging the same meridians used in acupuncture to improve emotional well-being and remove mental blocks.

“I truly believe that everyone has gifts and talents, just like the people the Unstoppable Foundation are empowering,” said Brad. “They just need the opportunity to bring them out.”

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