A mama pouring water from the river into a jug.

27 Mar This Company Builds Schools & Clean Water Sources in Developing Countries

Seven years ago, after a successful career as a bestselling author, Cynthia Kersey (“Unstoppable,” “Unstoppable Women”) took her 50th birthday celebration as an opportunity to start something new. Something that would take on the world’s most seemingly impossible challenges. Something that would allow her to give back to the world that has been so generous to her.

Kersey launched the Unstoppable Foundation, a “non-profit humanitarian organization bringing sustainable education to children and communities in developing countries thereby creating a safer and more just world for everyone.”

The foundation’s mission is simple: “To ensure that every child has access to the lifelong gift of an education.” Turning this clear vision into reality, however, takes more than just a great idea.

It takes strong leaders, hundreds and thousands of passionate supporters, and a lot of money.

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