13 Jun This Father’s Day is About Faith

In the Masaai Mara region of Africa, boys go to school and girls stay at home until they are married. Faith is one young woman challenging this norm with the support of someone unexpected – her father.


Faith wanted to be the first in her family to attend high school. But when she was 13, her father decided it was time for her to get married.

“I loved school. I loved to learn. I loved the environment… all of it,” said Faith.

Faith in School

Faith’s father doubled up on her house chores, but she worked all hours of the night so that she could still attend school. “Boys go to school and girls are home until they are married, said Faith’s dad. “It is the way it has always been.”

When Faith’s father saw how hard she was working, something began to shift in him. He realized that girls could fulfill their own dreams like boys. What was once a conventionally Kenyan view on girls’ education grew to be something completely different…

Click on the video above to view Faith’s story of perseverance.