23 Nov Unstoppable graduates become entrepreneurs

One of the hardest hit industries in Kenya has been tourism and our all-women 2019 college graduates in the Tourism & Hospitality program have been especially impacted.

After working so diligently to earn their degrees, this employment track is now on pause. But that hasn’t stopped this young woman or her fellow alumni.

When Faith graduated from college as Valedictorian of our inaugural Unstoppable Scholars Tourism & Hospitality Management program, she was excited to begin her professional career in one of Kenya’s most dominant industries.

But the COVID-19 shutdown across all of Kenya shut off employment opportunities for Faith and her fellow alumni. When the Unstoppable Foundation offered them the opportunity to receive a micro-loan to start their own business, Faith, along with 9 of her fellow alumni jumped at the opportunity to apply.

The screening process is rigorous. Faith was required to write a viable business plan, anticipated challenges, and benefits for the community. She excelled through the process and was accepted into the loan program.

Today, Faith’s large-scale poultry business, Ustawi Poultry, is up and running, employing two assistant managers and others. The business provides local employment opportunities and high-quality poultry products to the community. The increased competition in the area provided by Faith’s business will provide a higher quality product all around.

Since October, 10 graduates have received micro-loans and 4 businesses are already up and running.