Unstoppable Scholars

26 Sep Unstoppable Scholars Are Building Foundations for Success

The WE College campus has been buzzing with excitement these last two months as we welcomed four new cohorts of Unstoppable Scholars. In addition to their primary areas of study including clinical medicine, agriculture, mechanics and tourism, the students are currently enrolled in the first of six courses of the Unstoppable Leadership Academy (ULA). The first course, Foundations for Success, is based on Gerald (Jerry) Jampolsky, MD and Diane Cirincione, PhD’s award-winning model for health and well-being that focuses on the vital role of attitude in determining our experience of life and the quality of our personal and professional relationships.


The Unstoppable Leadership Academy (ULA) is a powerful two-year certificate program where students learn to develop the leadership skills necessary to empower them to achieve their full potential as leaders in their families, communities and the world at large. Students devote 25 hours each week to their ULA studies which include engaging in leadership classes and support groups, homework, mentoring and community outreach.

Through the 12-week Foundations for Success course, the scholars will learn tools for introspection, self-awareness, self-expression and genuine connection with others that lead to a greater understanding and increased confidence in achieving success. At the conclusion of the course, these empowered, motivated students will have learned how to:

  • Formulate personal meaning and measurements for success
  • Develop mental habits to manage stress, enhance creativity, cultivate peace of mind, foster resilience and facilitate the experience of success
  • Increase self-awareness, self-confidence and self-efficacy
  • Strengthen interpersonal communication and listening skills
  • Cultivate attitudes and skills for successful


“How simple it is to see that all the worry in the world cannot control the future. How simple it is to see that we can only be happy now. And that there will never be a time when it is not now.” ―Gerald Jampolsky, MD


The course curriculum focuses on a variety of different topics from determining your personal mission statement, to navigating the stages of grief and loss, to forgiveness and emotional awareness. Students will also engage in regular mindfulness exercises, including meditation practices, body scans and journaling to encourage daily habits for calming the body, clearing the mind of distraction and consciously focusing on what is happening in the present moment.

Other ULA courses include Jack Canfield’s Success Principles and Bob Proctor’s Thinking Into Results.

We could not be more thrilled for our new cohorts of Unstoppable Scholars and can’t wait to watch them thrive as they build their own foundations for success!

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