10 Sep Water for Naomi

Meet Naomi Chemutai.  Naomi used to have to spend hours a day walking to fetch water from the nearest river – water that could make her sick at any time. Every morning and evening Naomi , her aunt and four cousins would walk the rough terrain to the Amalo River, the closest water source to her home in the Masai Mara region of southwest, Kenya.

It would be a daunting task for anyone. But for a 17-year-old student intent on finishing her last year of primary education it was precious time for her, and she preferred to spend time doing her homework or preparing for her exams, than walking long hours to fetch water.

Through the Unstoppable Foundation’s Sponsor a Village model, help was provided, and a deep-water well was dug along with several water kiosks throughout her community.  Now Naomi can take water with her on the way home from school, where she is a Grade 8 student. The water is also used for the school garden, she says, and she and her classmates enjoy a hot meal from the school’s kitchen every day.

“I can access clean water, get good food in school and I have a good learning environment,” Naomi says.

Unstoppable’s clean water pillar has lessened instances of waterborne disease in her village, like typhoid and cholera. Naomi notices the overall health in her community has improved and she experiences fewer “stomach pains” caused by drinking contaminated river water. Even her clothes are brighter, she says, when rinsed in clean water.

“I am doing well in my studies because I am happy in school,” she says. “[Unstoppable Foundation] has changed my life in a big way.”

Learn more about our work in Kenya and what you can do to get involved at www.unstoppablefoundation.org.

With love and appreciation,

Cynthia Kersey

Bestselling author, “Unstoppable”
Chief Humanitarian Officer
Unstoppable Foundation