07 Oct ‘We Day’ is Making it Cool to Care!

Imagine a stadium-sized educational event with literally tens of thousands of students in attendance, generating the world’s largest youth empowerment movement of its kind. It’s an event you cannot buy a ticket to, instead one must earn it through making a commitment to a local or global service project throughout the previous year.

The event is called ‘We Day’ and this multi-city extravaganza has taken the world by storm with more than 3.3 million fans, making it one of the world’s largest social causes on Facebook today.  In Canada ‘We Day’ touches every major city coast to coast, and this year We Day is expanding its reach to the USA, hosting events in Seattle and Minneapolis, bringing together hundreds of thousands of young people in their commitment to taking action for a better world.

Having attended many ‘We Day’ events in Canada, along with the inaugural US event in Seattle this past March, I am continually inspired by the passionate involvement and activism displayed by the thousands of exuberant youth in attendance.  I am always amazed by the overwhelming excitement We Day generates in today’s youth by providing a blueprint for raising a generation of active global citizens.  Instead of looking to others to “fix” the world’s problems, the We Day students are serious about making a mark on the concerns of their generation.  They come together to tackle issues together, because they know it’s only through the daily choices in what we say, buy and think that embody the worldwide movement of WE.

This month, Unstoppable salutes our international partner, Free the Children along with Me to We for creating this powerful global movement, and for bringing together some of the most influential leaders of our time, as they spread their message of make caring cool!

Although you cannot buy a ticket to We Day, you can be part of all the action by watching the events via webcast, or by viewing pictures of the events at WeDay.com.  Due to our ongoing partnership with Free the Children, we will be sharing live posts and inspiration from Unstoppable’s Facebook & Twitter feed.  Be sure to stay connected and join the Unstoppable Foundation in channeling the enthusiasm and energy of our youth into making positive global change a reality for all.


With love and appreciation,

Cynthia Kersey

Bestselling author, “Unstoppable”
Chief Humanitarian Officer
Unstoppable Foundation