Mamas walking with donkey in Kenya

28 Feb Why Africa?

A question we’re often asked is, “Why Africa?” People want to know why we are helping children receive education in Africa when there are kids in our own communities who need help. The answer is simple.

Our mission is to ensure that EVERY child receives access to an education – no matter where they live.

And there’s no area in the world with a greater need than sub-Saharan Africa. Of the currently 57 million children in the world who don’t have the chance to go to primary school, nearly half of them live in this region of the world. That’s why we started with education in Africa.

A great analogy is an emergency room where triage is used to determine which critical patients need to be seen first. It’s the same for these children. If they don’t receive an education as well as access to our life-saving programs such as to clean water, healthcare and nutritious food, they could die.

Kids in Kenya

Another major factor that went into determining where in Africa we would focus our efforts, was finding the right partner on the ground who could implement our holistic 5-pillar development model of sustainability. As a result of our implementing partnership with WE Charity, the Unstoppable Foundation created a program called Sponsor A Village.

In just a decade, we’re now educating more than 36,000 children a day and nearly 80,000 community members are receiving access to our life-saving programs and services.

It’s not charity in the traditional sense because charity isn’t sustainable. It’s empowerment and the communities we partner with will never need “charity” again.

Learn about our Sponsor A Village program.