23 Nov A beacon of hope

When the Unstoppable Foundation first began work in the community of Laila in 2015, it was like so many other Kenya communities – young girls forced to fetch dirty water from the river, ravaged by starvation and malnutrition, parents making less than $1 a day, no doctors, and no education for the children. The situation was dire…

Over the past 5 years, compassionate and generous donors funded Unstoppable’s 5-Pillar Model in Laila, providing a well for clean water, seeds and training to create a community garden to grow nutritious food, income training for adults so they could provide for their families, mobile health units, and safe schools for the children to learn.

The people of Laila worked hard to build the foundation for a robust and sustainable way of life. Fast forward to the spring of this year when experts projected that Kenya would be one of the hardest hit countries in the world. Thankfully, cases have been much lower than predicted.

However, the mandatory lockdowns cut hundreds of thousands of people off from access to food and commerce – making already suffering communities even more vulnerable.

But not Laila.

Families of Laila have thrived.

Community and kitchen gardens provided food and income. Fresh, clean water is abundant.  Parents continue to sell their wares to other community members and provide for their families, even though they’re cut off from the outside.

As in most communities around the world, there are still those that need help. Community members have come to their rescue with food so they would not go hungry… inspired by what they have received over the last 5 years from our amazing donors.

At-risk families also received assistance through our COVID-19 Emergency Relief program thanks to caring, generous donors.

Where other communities in Kenya face starvation, increased disease, and hopelessness during the pandemic, Laila stands as a beacon of what Kenya can become with the right resources.

None of this is possible without our Unstoppable family of donors!