Here are a few ways your company can partner

with the Unstoppable Foundation.
Contribute to education & help bring sustainability to an entire community
Matching campaigns
Percentage of sales
Company gifts
To learn more about
fundraising, contact
Enroll your employees and
customers to give or fundraise

Use your next event to fundraise (we provide

speakers & the resources you need)

Implement a turn-key campaign to inspire

employees & customers to give

Inspire employees to start their own

fundraising campaigns
To learn more about engaging your
employees and customers, contact
Don’t miss an opportunity
to be a part of our

To learn about sponsorship
opportunities, contact

Richard Branson

Business Magnate,
Investor and Philanthropist

“We are showing that business can and MUST be a force for good and that this is also

good for business.”

Bob Proctor & Sandra Gallagher

Founder & Co-Founder
Proctor Gallagher Institute

“Supporting the Unstoppable Foundation has changed our business. It’s given PGI and everyone working in it a purpose and made us a better company. Our business is flourishing largely due to the level of contribution we commit every month to this important work.


If you or your company are looking for greater prosperity and abundance, I suggest you do as we have done. Allocate a percentage of your revenues to the UF and I can assure you, you will be handsomely rewarded.”

Mary Morrissey

Speaker, Author and Founder of Life Mastery Institute

“Supporting the Unstoppable Foundation has been one of the greatest and most satisfying

investments I’ve ever made. I go to sleep every night feeling deeply happy knowing that

hundreds of children are getting food, clean water, and a future through education by means

of my monthly contribution.


Giving to the Unstoppable Foundation gives the giver way more than one might imagine.”

Fabienne Fredrickson

Founder of
Business Mentor, Speaker and Author

“Partnering with the Unstoppable Foundation has changed everything! It is a core part of our business and our clients LOVE being a part of a global and life-changing mission!


I have no words to express how this has impacted me, my company and my family. We’ve built 13 schools and brought true change to over 4,000 people and we’re just getting started!”

Marcia Wieder

Founder, Dream University & The Meaning Institute

“Hands down the highlight of my professional career was watching participants at 4 events

contribute to sponsoring a total of 10 villages in Kenya with the Unstoppable Foundation.


It was the single most profound thing I’ve ever done, it upleveled our event, and we doubled our sales every time!”

Bari Baumgardner

Founder of SAGE Event Management,
Strategic Advice for Growing Events

“I have been a part of thousands of events! In my experience, if you want to give back to an amazing cause and at the same time bring something to your event that opens people’s hearts and their wallets, there is no one who does this better than Cynthia Kersey.”