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19 Apr A Better Future for a Child Could Be Just One Connection Away

We are so grateful when asked, “How can I help?” Making a donation is a crucial part of helping us educate children and lift entire communities out of poverty. But, there is another way to help that can make an even greater impact and it’s super easy: tapping into your own personal network.

By referring your friends and colleagues to the Unstoppable Foundation, you’re helping us to achieve our commitment to expand the number of children and families that we serve by 10-fold. And at the same time, you’ll be giving your connections the opportunity to experience the transformative impact of giving.

We can’t do it without you.

People are looking for ways to make a difference – to improve the quality of their life by helping someone else’s. When you share our mission with your network, you could increase the impact you’re able to create well beyond your own ability to write a check.

Our founder, Cynthia Kersey, is an excellent example of this. For her first big philanthropic project, she committed to raising the money to build 100 homes with Habitat for Humanity. How she did it was simple. She shared the project with virtually everyone she met. When she was speaking on stages, book signings, gatherings, whatever the occasion – she’d invite people to participate. And many of them did!

Creating exponential impact.

Who do you know that you think may be inspired by the work we’re doing?

Do you belong to a church, temple or other faith-based community?

Are you a member of the local Kiwanis Club or Junior League?

Perhaps your company regularly invites individuals to speak to its employees.

Wherever and with whomever you spend your time, you have an opportunity to help raise awareness and financial support to save and empower lives.

Does your group or organization host events?

A great way to spread the word and bring value to your meetings is to invite our founder or an Unstoppable Foundation team member to speak at your event. By doing so, you’re furthering the impact of your generosity AND offering your attendees the opportunity to experience the power of giving — elevating both your event and your business.

“Hands down the highlight of my professional career was watching participants at 4 events contribute to sponsoring a total of 10 villages in Kenya with the Unstoppable Foundation. It was the single most profound thing I’ve ever done, it upleveled our event, and we doubled our sales every time!” —Marcia Wieder, Founder, Dream University & The Meaning Institute

Become an advocate today to help children experience a better tomorrow.

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