09 Jun A Strong Mama, a Courageous Girl, and the Power of Generosity

When Angela was a little girl growing up in Laila, there was not much to look forward to. Like most girls her age, she gathered water for her 10 siblings every day. There was a school, but as she put it, “it wasn’t very conducive to learning.” Like most little girls in her community, she was only expected to complete 1st or 2nd grade, and most likely, be married at a very early age.

Without intervention, she would follow in the footsteps of her mother, Nayiari Nabala.

Though Nayiari never went to school herself, she knew the value of education and even though the school was subpar, she made sure Angela attended as much as possible.

“There’s nothing you can do without an education,” Nayiari told us.

Angela was smart, determined, and brave.

And she received the best gift of all. Laila has had the benefit of the 5-Pillars – all because of generous people like you. She’s watched over the years as your support has provided clean water, training for Mamas to learn how to bead and build their own businesses, new school buildings, books, and teachers for the children, training to plant gardens, and medical care.

Laila has been transformed!

And today, because of generous people like you, Angela is 22 and in her 2nd year of college studying Hospitality Management.

Angela Sopiato was like most girls in Kenya. Education was a challenge and there was not much hope for her future. But because of caring, compassionate donors, the Unstoppable 5-Pillar Model changed everything for her. And she is now a change maker in her own community!

“Our world is changed,” Angela said. “We’re viewing the world in a different way. We’re changemakers in our community.”

WATCH A Profile of Courage: Angela Sopiato