29 Jun Bob Proctor’s tremendous legacy of giving lives on

Bob Proctor was a renowned, highly respected and influential leader in the world of possibility thinking, prosperity and personal growth. He was also one of Unstoppable Foundation’s greatest champions from the very start.

Bob passed away in February 2022, at age 87, but his lessons, legacy and spirit live on.

His generosity began with one seed lovingly planted by his mother, which blossomed into a lifetime of giving.

As a boy during WWII, scarcity marked all aspects of his life. While his mother didn’t have a lot of financial resources, a family that lived down the street had even less. The children were cold because they had no coal for heat. When Bob mentioned this to his mom, she asked him to take $10 out of her purse — half of what she had — and give it to the family to buy coal.

She didn’t even know them! This act of generosity touched Bob at a profound level, and he never forgot this magnanimous act of kindness.

He applied this life lesson of generosity throughout his life, and together with Sandy Gallagher, created the Proctor Gallagher Institute (PGI) that impacts millions of lives worldwide.

When Sandy spoke at our recent Celebration of Champions event in May, she recalled how, “Bob believed every soul had beauty and greatness within.” He also believed and taught that if we give without expecting anything in return, we will receive in a huge way. “The more good we put out, the more we’re going to receive,” said Sandy. “It’s the Law of Giving and Receiving.”

Unstoppable Founder & CEO, Cynthia Kersey, met Bob in 1998, shortly after the publication of her first book, Unstoppable. “He was so encouraging and believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself,” Cynthia recalled. “He pushed me to get out of my comfort zone and dream bigger.”

Bob believed that when you set a goal it should be so big and exhilarating, that it excites you and scares you at the same time.

In 2008, Cynthia had a very big goal. She told Bob she wanted to build a school in East Africa. He flew from his Toronto home to attend her birthday fundraiser and with his support and the generosity of others, she raised enough money to build 2 classrooms that evening.

From that point on, “I was in, and so was he.” said Cynthia. The Unstoppable Foundation was born.

Bob continued to contribute to the Unstoppable mission to bring education, clean water, nutritious food, access to healthcare, and the resources to thrive to families in rural Kenya. He gave of his time AND his money.

“Millions of people have been introduced to our work because of Bob Proctor. Children and their families have a better life because of his relentless advocacy for our work,” said Cynthia.

When Bob passed, Cynthia and the team at Unstoppable knew they had to do something very special in his honor. As he would say, “it must be a goal so big that it’s exciting and terrifying at the same time.”

To honor Bob and continue to build on his legacy, the Unstoppable Foundation has created the Bob Proctor Legacy Project.

This project has a huge goal to raise $2 million to impact 6,000 men, women and children in Kilifi County on the eastern coast of Kenya. It’s our largest project ever and is time-sensitive because families are in the midst of a devastating famine. Children are malnourished, sick, and dying of dehydration and starvation.

It’s so important that PGI Co-Founder and CEO, Sandy Gallagher, has committed to match $1 million to fund this vital and life-giving project.

The Bob Proctor Legacy Project will empower children and their families in Kilifi through our Sponsor A Village Plus (SAV+) program. Families will receive comprehensive solutions that will help them create lasting change including things like education, clean water, nutritious food, healthcare, economic empowerment and so much more.

As part of the SAV+ program, an Enrichment Center will be built in the hub of the community and will feature a special Legacy Tree Mural on the inside wall commemorating Bob Proctor and the key supporters of this project. This mural will feature one of Bob’s key success principles expressed on an acacia tree which is indigenous to Kenya. Key donors will receive recognition on the leaves, trunk, roots, and base of the tree.

We are thrilled and grateful to have the opportunity to provide the tools and resources that were a part of Bob’s life work and legacy to Unstoppable community members through our Enrichment Centers. With Bob’ legacy driving this record-breaking project, we know we are Unstoppable.