Cynthia Kersey, recognized as one of the World’s Greatest Motivators, is a sought-after speaker and best-selling author of two books, Unstoppable and Unstoppable Women.
Cynthia’s remarkable 25-year career is not only marked by a client list of global powerhouses such as eBay, Mercedes Benz, Avon, and Johnson & Johnson but is equally distinguished by her collaborations with thought leaders, including Bob Proctor, Jack Canfield, Mary Morrissey, and Marci Shimoff. These relationships underscore her unique capacity to inspire the unstoppable spirit in both individuals and leaders, cultivating a generosity-driven culture that unlocks unparalleled potential and results.
As the Founder and CEO of the Unstoppable Foundation, her organization has empowered 500,000+ lives in 23 Kenyan communities through a comprehensive 5-pillar model.
“Cynthia’s message was exactly what my audience needed to hear. Her unique approach to growing a business offers proven strategies that foster loyal customers and reinvigorate your passion for both life and work. She does all this with great stories that inspire and motivate people to take action. I can’t recommend Cynthia enough!”

David Meltzer, Co-Founder, Sports 1 Marketing

“From the moment Sandy Gallagher and I invited Cynthia Kersey to speak at our events, our company has not only enjoyed increased success but also became a better organization. I highly recommend that you consider doing the same.”

Bob Proctor, Founder & Co-Chairman, Proctor Gallagher Institute

You Will Discover:
How to unlock the world’s most powerful force and harness it for greater success in every aspect of your life.
The #1 thing you can do to raise your vibration and attract the results you desire.
The habit that can boost your long-term financial earnings and lead to greater prosperity.
A simple practice that reduces stress and anxiety, resulting in a more peaceful and joy-filled life.
The key to turning your deepest pain into a driving force for a greater purpose.
A surprising life hack that boosts health and longevity.
“Inviting Cynthia to speak about the power of generosity changes the entire trajectory of an enrollment event. It enhances the attendees’ experience. They feel more confident in their own prosperity by giving, they feel more invested in the community, and they often feel more positive about the programs being offered.”

Bari Baumgardner, founder of SAGE Event Management

Transform Your Life & Business
with This Simple Life Hack

Moving Forward by Giving Back
Cynthia Kersey
Cynthia Kersey, CEO of the Unstoppable Foundation, brings over 25 years of expertise in the field of human potential and empowerment. She shares the scientific data, tangible benefits, and life-changing impact of cultivating a habit of generosity.


In her compelling and interactive keynote, Cynthia will reveal her proven strategies for integrating this transformative habit into both your personal life and business.


As a result, you will experience greater success, more passion, deeper fulfillment, and increased abundance.


You will leave with greater confidence in your ability to lead a life that matters, enriching both yourself and others beyond your imagination.

To book Cynthia for your next event
To book Cynthia for your next event