23 Nov Empowered students work to flatten the curve

One of the skills that Unstoppable Scholars learn in our ULA program is to build strong relationships based on trust. This was invaluable to Maryann, a School of Mechanics student, as she headed back to her home community of Chebirir in Bomet County, after the COVID-19 shutdown.

When Maryann arrived home from college after the COVID-19 shutdown, she knew she wanted to help her community get ready. Putting her leadership and communications skills to work, she scheduled her time to not only help create awareness about the virus, but also to educate her community about the easy and affordable ways to keep themselves safe and free from COVID-19.

Armed with incredible patience, humility and confidence, Maryann walked relentlessly for miles — knocking on door after door to share COVID-19 prevention information with her people. Bad weather and terrible terrain did not deter her. She knows how important, relevant information can save a life, and she was determined to save as many as she could.

Maryann took time to demonstrate how to wash hands thoroughly and effectively and how to use a facemask properly. Her community outreach and demonstrated leadership skills were also noticed by the local chief, who now trusts her with increased responsibility. She has been tasked to train more youths in her community who will help in the COVID-19 information outreach.

The task force led by Maryann has so far reached more than 1,000 people in her area. She is also taking advantage of her position to talk to young girls and boys about their future.

Through Maryann’s work, her community is no longer fearful, but has become confident that the virus will soon be gone if they adhere to safety measures. Maryann has also helped her neighbors embrace this time to form stronger bonds with their families.

Because of Maryann’s tenacity, her community has been able to stave off a serious outbreak of COVID-19.

The generosity of Unstoppable donors has been instrumental in keeping communities safe in Kenya.