26 Feb Meet Kisaruni 11th Grader, Carol

A little over 12 years ago, when Unstoppable Foundation was just an idea, the goal was to provide a way for little girls in Kenya to attend primary school. But we soon discovered that in order to meet that goal, much more would have to be done. We had to provide clean water, food, access to healthcare, and so much more.

Because of extraordinarily generous donors who have shared our vision, great strides have been made in Kenya. Not only do little girls finish primary school. They can dream even bigger!

Little girls like Carol.

Carol is an 11th grader at Kisaruni Girls High School – a secondary school in the Mara that we helped fund.

Kisaruni High School students, June 2019

If I had not joined the Kisaruni Girls High School, my life would be unbearable,” Carol said. “I would have to stay back at home, help my parents, and as a cultural practice at my home, I would have been married off to a man the age as my father.

But today, Carol has big dreams. Her plan is to finish high school and attend WE College to learn leadership skills and study entrepreneurship. Her dreams don’t stop there. She wants to study engineering and come back home to bring electricity to her community.

And she will.

Kisaruni High School students with donors Kathrin Weishaupl and Linna Tanny, June 2019

This is only possible because of caring, compassionate people who dared to believe that not only could little girls in Kenya go to primary school, but that they could be the catalyst for unimaginable change for their entire communities.