23 May Remembering Bill

The above video was created with love to honor Bill’s legacy and what he made possible for so many.

“The joy is not in the getting, it’s in the giving.”

Bill Harris’s wise words provide a window into the heart of a man who was the embodiment of generosity and what it means to be a true humanitarian – a man who the world sadly lost on May 1, 2018.

Bill Harris smiling

Bill was a faithful friend and advocate for the Unstoppable Foundation from the very beginning. His dedication to ensuring children and families have access to education has transformed the lives of thousands. We are incredibly grateful for his tremendous heart, invaluable partnership, and unwavering friendship over the years.

Bill Harris, Blaine Bartlett, Cynthia Kersey

He dedicated his life to serving others. As Founder of Centerpointe Research Institute and the creator of Holosync, Bill utilized innovative methods and technologies to help people around the world create profound, positive changes in their lives.

Smiling school children with "Thank You Bill Harris" sign

Bill was a philanthropist, a father, a partner, a mentor and a friend. Throughout his life, he impacted countless lives and his legacy will live on through every life that he has touched.