29 Jun Sharing news of empowerment, entrepreneurship and expansion

Dear Friends,

I hope you’ve been enjoying our updates over the last year and celebrating with us the progress and transformation that you’re making possible in the lives of men, women and children in Kenya through your generous support!

Today, I have some great news to share with you!

First, our Unstoppable Leadership Academy (ULA) is expanding to new communities and educational institutions in Kenya.

For those of you who don’t know about our leadership academy, ULA equips and empowers students and community members with the skills and tools to successfully start businesses, generate an income, and solve their greatest challenges, creating opportunities for themselves, their families and their communities in ways never experienced before.

ULA is expanding into other Unstoppable communities as well as educational institutions in the Mara and Kilifi County, Kenya, where we are building Unstoppable Enrichment Centers.

These centers will be located on school campuses, and serve as a multi-function center where:

  • Adults will gain the skills to start businesses, get jobs and bring economic stability to their community.
  • Students can have access to a library and study and learn in a quiet and safe environment as well as attend workshops.
  • Community members can achieve their fullest potential as leaders in their families, communities and the world at large.

We are thrilled to be able to expand our programs to help new community members develop the leadership skills, resilience and entrepreneurial mindset necessary to create lasting change for their families.

And there’s more great news…

In this THRIVE Summer newsletter, you will find an inspiring tribute to our beloved champion and mentor Bob Proctor, who passed in February, and learn about the Bob Proctor Legacy Project.

Millions of people were impacted by Bob and his teaching. He was not only a world-renowned leader in personal development, but he was also an incredible human being. Bob showed us how to improve our lives, our businesses, set goals and pursue our dreams. He also taught about the Law of Giving and Receiving and inspired us to give, knowing it will come back to us 10-fold in the most unexpected ways.

Bob’s generous contributions and advocacy made a lasting impact on countless lives and in honor of his legacy of giving, we’ve created the Bob Proctor Legacy Project.

The Bob Proctor Legacy Project will drive Unstoppable’s expansion into drought-stricken Kilifi County, Kenya, where people are dying of starvation and dehydration.

You’ll also read how Mary Morrissey and the Dream Builder Live Community are supporting another community in Kilifi, working together to lift those devastated by drought and famine out of economic devastation.

I’m excited for you to read the inspiring story of Seema Leina, who is both a recipient of an Unstoppable Scholarship and more recently an Unstoppable Microloan. Read how supporters like you have created a cascade of positive impacts throughout her community.

None of this is possible without you! We are so grateful for your partnership. You save lives. You give hope. Thank you!

With gratitude,

Cynthia Kersey