Doris, Unstoppable Scholar

30 Oct This Unstoppable Scholar Will Impact 20,000 Lives

Thanks to Cory and Brian Proctor and Thinking Into Results Consultants, the first class of Unstoppable Agriculture Scholars recently took their initial steps toward pursuing their dreams. Doris is one of 20 bright, young students who will each indirectly impact 20,000 lives upon graduation.


“I’ve always longed to study agriculture,” said Doris, an Unstoppable Agriculture Scholar. Growing up, Doris’ family farmed in her village in South Narok County, Kenya and the experience inspired her to want to learn more. “When I graduate, I’d like to work in farming, but on a much larger scale,” she said. “I’d also like to teach others about agriculture because it isn’t just about growing things, it is also a business.”

Doris is one of 20 bright, young students who make up the first class of Unstoppable Agriculture Scholars at the new WE College — the only college of its kind in the Maasai Mara region of Kenya. Before learning of the program, Doris had completed high school and moved to Nairobi to look for work, but was unable to find a job. Then, her mother, who worked near WE College, heard that the Unstoppable Foundation was awarding scholarships to qualifying students entering WE College. Doris leaped at the opportunity to pursue her dream to attend college and study agriculture — a decision that will not only help Doris and her family, but will help bring economic stability to her community and the entire Maasai Mara.


Despite major challenges such as chronic drought, disease and poor crop management, agriculture remains the backbone of the Kenyan economy, contributing one-third of GDP. However, inadequate infrastructure continues to hamper the country’s efforts to improve its annual growth to enable it to meaningfully address poverty and unemployment. One of the most prominent issues directly impacting poverty alleviation today is the growing challenge of food security, which has a direct impact on a community’s access to education, their quality of health, their livelihoods and overall quality of life. The Unstoppable Agriculture Program addresses this problem.

Thanks to the generosity of Cory and Brian Proctor, as well as the Thinking Into Results Consultants, the Unstoppable Scholars Agriculture class of 2021 is receiving a comprehensive two-year academic curriculum that educates and trains agronomists in the following disciplines:

  • Crop enterprise management
  • Farm management
  • Livestock enterprise management
  • Agriculture engineering


In addition to receiving full college scholarships and a state-of-the-art education in their main area of study, Unstoppable Scholars are also participating in the Unstoppable Leadership & Empowerment Academy (ULA), a powerful, learner-centered 2-year certificate program in which students, through experiential practice and peer-to-peer engagement, develop leadership and life skills to empower them to achieve their full potential.

In their first year, students take several innovative courses, including Thinking Into Results, a 12-week program developed by Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher that teaches students how to believe in and act upon the power of their own minds to create success and fulfillment in their lives. Through the course, students work through the process for creating new, desired results and includes activities they can apply both in and outside the classroom. The foundation of the course is the idea that we are all born with infinite potential and that we can learn to unlock that potential to live a fulfilling life.


“We are thrilled to have the Thinking Into Results Consultants come together in this way and fully support this class of Agriculture Scholars as they pursue their dreams and improve their communities through an education that begins with studying Thinking Into Results, said Brian and Cory. “Thinking Into Results Consultants work all over the world, transforming lives by facilitating this life-altering material, and coming together in this way is a testament to their beliefs and values.”

Upon graduation, students will become agronomists, enabling them to generate an income for their families and make a sustainable impact on their communities. One Agronomist will indirectly impact 20,000 people annually, and the entire class of 2021 will indirectly impact 400,000 people.

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