Unstoppable Tourism Students

26 Sep Unstoppable Tourism Scholars Begin 2nd Year

Last year, our very first class of Unstoppable Scholars took the initial steps toward pursuing their dreams. This month, 20 bright young women return for their second year in the 2-year Tourism and Hospitality program at WE College – the new and only college in...

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Community members in Chepkebit

28 Aug Chepkebit: 6 Months In

Chepkebit – the most recent Unstoppable community to come off the waiting list – is just 6 months into implementation of our holistic development model, and we're already starting to see some real progress. ...

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David Meltzer, his family and Laila community members breaking ground

25 Jul Breaking Ground for Brighter Futures

On our recent visit to the community of Laila, donors joined community members in a ground breaking ceremony for the very first Unstoppable Community Leadership Center. This would not have been possible without the vision and commitment of the Foundation's Chairman of the Board David...

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Community Members in Kenya

22 Jul We’re Back from the Mara!

We’re back from Kenya and what a journey it’s been! We had the pleasure of hosting some amazing donors as we visited the communities their support is directly impacting. We’re still grinning from the warm welcomes we received, the connections that were made and the...

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13 Jun This Father’s Day is About Faith

In the Masaai Mara region of Africa, boys go to school and girls stay at home until they are married. Faith is one young woman challenging this norm with the support of someone unexpected – her father.   Faith wanted to be the first in her family to...

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Marie & Alexi 3A Press

12 Jun Rising Above the Storm

When Hurricane Maria — a powerful Category 4 storm with 150 mph winds —  barreled down upon the island of Puerto Rico causing mass devastation, 3APress, a family-owned business chose to rally around their community, helping it to find joy again....

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23 May Remembering Bill

"The joy is not in the getting, it's in the giving." Bill Harris's wise words provide a window into the heart of a man who was the embodiment of generosity and what it means to be a true humanitarian – a man who the world sadly...

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Woman holding up beads

26 Apr Coming Full Circle

As we look to the future and how we can best continue to help these communities to be fully self-sustaining, we know that the key is to bring resources back into the community. So we’re preparing to take things to the next level–and the Unstoppable...

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